Month: October 2010

How Not To Bid A Photo Shoot

Posted by – October 5, 2010

This shot redefined the term “big photo shoot” for me — 20 miles underground via a labyrinth of meandering tunnels in a century-old mine owned by Mississippi Lime.  Sight unseen — make that SITE unseen — I bid the job by referencing the client’s existing brochure, but they neglected to mention one itty-bitty detail: the ambient lighting depicted in the photos had been removed years ago.

So my team had to schlepp in truckloads of equipment: diesel generators, miles of power cable, and every cinamagraphic light I could get my hands on.  But it wasn’t until we were all ready and “good to go” that I was reminded there was no need to hurry, because there were a whole two hours before the daily detonation of two tons of dynamite.