Month: September 2010

Silent Storyteller

Posted by – September 21, 2010

Another day slips into history as the old Kirkwood Train Station sentinels the passing of time and the lives passing through it.  How many joyous welcomes has it witnessed?  How many tearful farewells?  How many adventures have been launched from the humble, foot-worn bricks that hug its earth at track level?  Yet it still stands, a monument to the perennial notions that life itself is an adventure, and the train waits for no one.

“It’s a Celebration!”  It sure was.

Posted by – September 2, 2010

Through the years, I’ve shot series of posters promoting the products of Anheuser-Busch (remember them?) by commemorating various sporting championships such as The Super Bowl, The Stanley Cup, The NBA Championship, etc.

For the 1982 World Series, when the St. Louis Cardinals fought their way back from a crushing first-game defeat to a nail-biting seventh-game victory against that OTHER beer town (Oh, come on!  You remember, don’t you?), we created a “congratulatory poster” for each of the teams.  The minute the final game was over, the ink was drying on the presses and the St. Louis version of the poster was in-market within 24 hours.  All of the St. Louis region was “pleased as punch!” as Ol’ Gussie Busch used to say, and this visual became an icon of the era throughout Cardinal Nation.

To “Mr. Baseball,” August Busch Junior: For all you did, this memory’s for you.