Month: August 2010


Posted by – August 26, 2010

I was jam-packed into a Piper Cub (“Thank you for flying Clown-Car Airlines…”) with an anxious group of other foolhardy first-timers just so I could climb out of the plane when it got to 1500 feet above the distant earth, put my left foot on a small step, hold on to the wing strut for dear life in the rushing wind, listen for the Jump Master to say “go,” and then, let go.

I never experienced such a visceral sensation of fear before then, and, thankfully, have never felt it since.  Five “static line” jumps and one “free fall” was enough skydiving for me.  They kept saying “you’ll get used to it,” but I never did.

Not Just Another Hard Day At Work

Posted by – August 5, 2010

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It’s a long way to the top in the corporate world — 14,036 feet to be exact if you were in this upper-management group.  I grabbed this shot as these stubborn, triumphant survivors were reaching the summit of Mt. Sherman, on the narrow backbone of the Continental Divide in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies.

An unexpected late-spring blizzard with high winds and altitude sickness had reduced the initial group of 18 that left base camp to just these intrepid six who made it all the way to the top.  (Obviously, the photographer made it, too.)  Their climb was the final event of a week-long trip in which the company encouraged team-building, partnership, and personal excellence.