Month: June 2010

Columns of Light

Posted by – June 29, 2010

I am ever mindful that the art and science of photography is essentially the art and science of capturing light.  Sometimes you create the light; sometimes you have to lie in wait for it; sometimes you have to go out and hunt it down.

I think those ideas are readily evident in this photo of shadows and light playing on stone columns.  Because this “found composition” is so unassumingly simple, so unlikely to be noticed by anyone walking by, I think it is one of the most striking visuals — to the appreciative eye — I’ve ever captured.


Posted by – June 6, 2010

Archive Alert!

Everyone knows how much those American tourists love their cameras…  Here I am in a cheesy proof-I-was-there snapshot taken on the Great Wall of China during a trip for the medical company Covidien.  The trip coincided with the return of control of Hong Kong to the Chinese, a transition that had great implications for the company’s involvement in Pacific Rim markets.