Month: April 2010


Posted by – April 25, 2010

Archive Alert!

An award is an award is an award, right?  Not at all, and to drive home the point that their awards were literally worlds apart from the typical program-logoed barbecue grill or case of frozen steaks, AT&T hired me to document one of their trip-of-a-lifetime awards — to illustrate that their awards really are rewards.

Barge Worker

Posted by – April 12, 2010

Barge workers live an intermittently nomadic life toiling on the noisy, dirty, and very dangerous “river trains” that push massive tonnages of grain, ore, coal and other materials up and down treacherous rivers like the Mississippi.

When I was on assignment in New Orleans for the energy company AEP, I wanted to create a portrait of a barge worker that was emblematic of the inherent dignity of honest labor for an honest purpose.  Notice how this barge worker has a calm, confident sense of whom he is.  He’s as authentic as the river itself.